Outlook Data Recovery

2 Quick Tips to Batch Make Multiple Outlook Appointments Private

So as to protect your privacy, you may prefer to make many appointments private. Changing the appointments’ sensitivity one by one will be cumbersome. Thus in this article, we will introduce you 2 tricks to quickly achieve it. If you’re using an exchange account in your Outlook and sharing your calendar with others, they will be able to access your appointments in other own Outlook at will. You must have some private appointments which you don’t want others to read them. In such a...

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What to Do If Hard Drive Cannot Be Detected by Your Computer?

Computer data is actually stored in its internal hard drive. So if hard drive can’t be detected by your computer, you will be unable to access your data. This article will look at this issue and teach you what to do if faced with such a case. Have you ever encountered such a situation that your computer cannot recognize your hard drive? As we all know, computer data is exactly stored in the hard drive. Thus if hard drive cannot be detected, it means that the data will be inaccessible....

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How to Auto Rename or Remove the Older Emails with the Same Subjects as the New Incoming Ones

Some people hope that Outlook can auto check the older emails’ subjects when new emails arrive, and rename or delete the older emails if they have the same subjects as the new emails. This demands using Outlook VBA. This article will help you achieve it. You must have ever received many emails which have the same subjects. Is it a bit troublesome for you to identify and distinguish them in the email list? Or do you think that those older emails are exactly useless for you? If so, you must...

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