Outlook Data Recovery

4 Typical Situations When Your Hard Drives Need to be Opened and Fixed by Experts instead of Yourself

Hard drive failures are common data disasters which have annoyed people a lot. To fix corrupt hard drives can be pretty complicated because you cannot solve the problems by yourself when meeting some typical cases. Here we sum up 4 situations that you hard drives need to be fixed by experts to minimize your loss. You must be irritated and perplexed when coming across hard drive failures. It stores a great number of data. And to buy a new hard drive might be too costly. So we’d like to...

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How to Auto Add Greetings to Reply Messages with Outlook VBA

In general, when replying an email, we get used to adding the greetings. Someone even hopes that Outlook can auto add greetings depending on the recipient name. Actually it can be realized with Outlook VBA. This article will introduce it in detail. As normal, when we reply an email, we will always write some greetings at the beginning of the message body. You may feel it a bit cumbersome since you don’t want to type the same greeting line every time. In reality, you can avoid it via...

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2 Quick Tips to Batch Make Multiple Outlook Appointments Private

So as to protect your privacy, you may prefer to make many appointments private. Changing the appointments’ sensitivity one by one will be cumbersome. Thus in this article, we will introduce you 2 tricks to quickly achieve it. If you’re using an exchange account in your Outlook and sharing your calendar with others, they will be able to access your appointments in other own Outlook at will. You must have some private appointments which you don’t want others to read them. In such a...

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