Outlook Data Recovery

How to Get the Full Folder Paths of the Search Results with Outlook VBA

When facing myriad search results, you may hope to determine their located folder paths. Outlook has no such a native support for it. But you still can make use of VBA codes to achieve it. This article will expose the elaborate steps to you. In my previous article – “4 Ways to Identify the Located Folder of the Search Results”, I have introduced 4 means to get the located folder of the search results. But all of them can just provide the located folder name. So there will be a trouble...

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Will Scandisk or CHKDSK Cause Computer Data Loss?

I’ve heard some users complain that some computer files get lost after running the Scandisk or CHKDSK. In most situations, this tool will not cause data loss. But there are still a few unexpected cases. This article will discuss this issue in detail. Computer data losses have plagued numerous users a lot for various reasons. The most common causes include virus infection, human errors and abrupt Windows shutdown, etc. In general, if with current backups, data recovery can be very easy. But...

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7 Common Reasons for Missing or Lost Files on Your Windows Desktop

Many users may have ever encountered such a case that some files on Windows Desktop get lost or missing abruptly. Actually a myriad of reasons can result in it. This article will expose the 7 most common ones. Nowadays, data loss is an extremely annoying issue. As usual, if there are current backups in hand, recovering data can be blazing easy, such as corrupt PST data recovery from up-to-date PST data backups. But if no backups, it will be knotty. For businesses, data losses occurring to...

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