Outlook Data Recovery

How to Recover Your Data from a Reformatted Hard Drive

If you encounter some errors when trying to access your data, your computer may suggest you to reformat the drive. The reformat process will cause data loss. This article will tell you how to recover the data from a reformatted hard drive. Have you ever experienced such a case that you reformat a hard drive and lastly realize that your data has gone after reformatting. Then you will feel quite frustrated and regretful. In order to prevent this kind of sinking feeling due to data loss, you...

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How to Rapidly Create a New Follow-up Task Based on an Existing One with Outlook VBA

Have you ever wanted to create a new follow-up task on basis of an existing one? There is no doubt that manually creating is a bit cumbersome. Why not resort to Outlook VBA? This article will guide you how to achieve it. Sometimes, for some reasons, such as after receiving a task from others, you may desire to create another one based on this task for follow up. Generally speaking, the only way for those who have no knowledge about VBA is to manually create a new one from the existing one....

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How to Quickly Add the Email Signature to the Sender’s Contact Details with Outlook VBA

When you receive an email which contains a detailed signature, you may want to add it to the corresponding sender’s contact. Copying and pasting manually is time-consuming. So in this article, we will help you accomplish it with Outlook VBA. Without any doubts, you must have ever received such emails which include the senders’ detailed information in signature. At that time, you may hope to add the details to the corresponding contact. In general, without extra helps, you will need to...

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