Outlook Data Recovery

How to Quickly Add the Email Signature to the Sender’s Contact Details with Outlook VBA

When you receive an email which contains a detailed signature, you may want to add it to the corresponding sender’s contact. Copying and pasting manually is time-consuming. So in this article, we will help you accomplish it with Outlook VBA. Without any doubts, you must have ever received such emails which include the senders’ detailed information in signature. At that time, you may hope to add the details to the corresponding contact. In general, without extra helps, you will need to...

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4 Top Misconceptions about Hard Drive Data Recovery

When a hard drive crashes, people will try their utmost to recover their data. Many will search on the Internet for multiple data recovery tips, some of which actually can make the current situation worse. So this article will expose the 4 most serious misconceptions about the hard drive data recovery. As the computer data is indeed stored in the internal hard drive, if the drive goes on strike, the data will tend to be lost too. There is no denying that data loss will result in extreme...

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4 Typical Situations When Your Hard Drives Need to be Opened and Fixed by Experts instead of Yourself

Hard drive failures are common data disasters which have annoyed people a lot. To fix corrupt hard drives can be pretty complicated because you cannot solve the problems by yourself when meeting some typical cases. Here we sum up 4 situations that you hard drives need to be fixed by experts to minimize your loss. You must be irritated and perplexed when coming across hard drive failures. It stores a great number of data. And to buy a new hard drive might be too costly. So we’d like to...

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