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How to Auto Send a Notification Email When a Meeting Reminder Alerts You in Outlook

Do you want to send a notification email before a meeting in Outlook? This article will teach you how to use Outlook VBA to auto send such an email to the meeting attendees when its reminder alerts you. Sometimes, so as to ensure that the required attendees can attend the meeting on time, you may desire to send a notification email to them. It aims to prevent them from forgetting the meeting. However, sending such an email manually may be a bit time-consuming as you have to determine the...

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5 Effective Ways to Organize and Back up Your Valuable Digital Photos

You must have a lot of digital photos which are recording your valuable memories. So you need to protect the digital photos from getting lost or corrupted. This article will teach you 5 vital techniques to better manage and back up them. In the current era, capturing the significant moments becomes much easier than before. Many Electronic devices can take photos, including cameras, smartphones and tablets, etc. Also, nowadays, people prefer to store photos digitally. However, unlike the...

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How to Auto Categorize the New Incoming Emails Based on the Senders’ Contact Categories

Some Outlook users prefer to categorize their emails as per the senders’ contact color categories. Manually assigning the category must be cumbersome. This article will introduce how to realize it automatically with Outlook VBA. So as to improve your work efficiency in Outlook, you will make efforts to better manage your emails. Without any doubts, “Color Categories” is a good feature in this respect. Many users prefer to utilize it to organize and distinguish their mails. Of course,...

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