Outlook Data Recovery

2 Quick Methods to Mark Outlook Appointments as Completed

Some people want to mark their Outlook appointments as completed, similar to Outlook tasks. This article will introduce 2 effective methods to achieve it. As we all know, Outlook permits us to mark emails and tasks as completed. This feature indeed helps a lot. For example, via it, we can distinguish ongoing tasks from completed tasks much more easily. It is because this function is so helpful that some users also would like to apply it to the Outlook appointments. However, in the...

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6 Top Misconceptions about Online Data Backup

As one of the most common data backup solutions, online data backup indeed has a lot of advantages over others. But many people still have some misunderstandings about it. This article will expose the 6 of them in detail. When it comes to data protection, making data backups will be inevitable in that a current data backup will play a good role in data recovery after unanticipated data loss. For instance, if you have already kept an up-to-date PST data backup in hand, when you suffer Outlook...

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How to Auto Set an Expiry Time for Incoming or Outgoing Emails with Outlook VBA

If you would like to let Outlook auto delete specific mails, you can set an expiry time for the emails and use AutoArchive to delete the expired emails when the time is up. This article will teach you how to auto set an expiry time for all incoming emails via Outlook VBA. In general, AutoArchive can work on either a whole folder or an entire mailbox. If you want to enable it to delete specific items only, you will need to firstly specify the expiry time for the emails. Thereby, the next time...

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