Outlook Data Recovery

How to Auto Clear the Flag of an Email When Replying It in Outlook

If you intend to reply an email later, you may first flag it. Then when you complete replying it, you can clear the flag. This article can teach you how to let Outlook auto clear the flag when you reply the email. Outlook provides us with the “Flag” feature, by which we can follow up an email more conveniently. For example, when receiving an email, which requests you to send a reply, you may want to put it aside for a while as you need to make some other precautions, such as writing some...

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6 Things You Must Know on RAID Failures

Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) is a data storage virtualization technology that is widely used by individuals and businesses. Although it can improve data storage performances, it doesn’t mean it will not corrupt easily. To protect your vital data when coming across RAID failures, you can refer to following 6 tips. Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) is a specific data storage technology which utilizes multiple hard drives to increase storage capacity, improve...

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How to Auto Change the Layout of a Contact Business Card When a Specific Category Is Assigned to It

Some users get used to managing their contacts by color categories. Also, contacts in different categories have some specific features, such as having different business card layouts. This article will show you how to let Outlook auto change the business card layout of the contact depending on its category. Outlook allows users to show their contacts in Business Card. Furthermore, users can design the contact business card from the perspective of card layout, image and background, etc. as...

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