Outlook Data Recovery

What to Do If Antivirus Software Deletes Your Reliable Files by Mistake?

It is almost a common case that antivirus software can delete your credible files by mistake. If the deleted files are extremely important, you will definitely make efforts to recover them. This article will give you a quick guide. In the current digital era, various data is being created every day, and meanwhile data losses are also happening constantly. Therefore, maybe you have realized the significance of data backups. For instance, if you have a backup for your PST files, you can...

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How to Auto Export Information of Incoming Emails to an Excel File with Outlook VBA

Many users hope that Outlook can automatically export the primary information of incoming emails to an Excel file. This article will look at this requirement and introduce a quick method via Outlook VBA. Sometimes, for some reasons, such as mail statistics, you may frequently need to export the emails to an Excel file. Generally, for the existing received emails, you can simply utilize the “Import and Export” feature to export them to Excel in one go. However, perhaps you even desire...

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2 Methods to Remove All the Hyperlinks in Your Outlook Email

When you receive an Outlook email which contains many hyperlinks, you may feel it troublesome in that you always accidentally click on the hyperlinks, which will open the links in Internet Browser at once. This article will teach you 2 means to remove all the hyperlinks. You must have ever received the emails which contains one or more hyperlinks in the message body, similar to the following screenshot. In this case, it is quite easy for you to click on any of the hyperlinks by accident. As...

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