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8 Effective Tips to Secure Your Data on Windows Systems

You must be reluctant to encountering such a case that your data gets accessed by unauthorized persons. In this post, we will share you 8 tips to improve the security of your data on Windows-based computers. Securing data is vitally significant not only for businesses but also for common computer users. In light of businesses, their computers must contain a great deal of valuable data, such as client and staff information, various reports and so on. For us ordinary people, we also have lots...

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4 Effective Tips to Secure Your Business File Transfer

The security of data transfer must be an important point for the business. As there are so many threats all around, we should always keep an eye on it. To learn 4 effective tricks for securing file transfer in your business, you can have a look at this article. According to some researches, many companies still utilize traditional file transfer protocols which don’t encrypt traffic and let the payload be exposed to anyone who can access the network. Securing business file transfer is...

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5 Misconceptions Threatening Your Business Data Transfer

Data transfer plays an important role in the Internet age, and it is indispensable for all business. Here we will discuss 5 common misconceptions to help you build a correct protective conception about data transfer. Then you can effectively protect data from the increasing cybercrimes. It’s said that every employee sends/receives 10 email attachments per workday, and about 5000 email attachments per year. A great amount of important data is frequently transferred between business and...

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