Outlook Data Recovery

7 Effective Tips to Recover Deleted Contacts on Your iPhone

You must have stored a lot of contacts on your iPhone. If any contacts get deleted by accident, you will definitely try to retrieve them by all possible means. This article will share you 7 useful tricks on this issue. Contacts stored in your iPhone play vitally important roles in your daily life. You are relying on them to get and keep contact with your friends, clients, relatives and colleagues via call, message, and emails and so on. Therefore, if you find that your iPhone contacts get...

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8 Effective Algorithms to Wipe and Erase Data Permanently

In contrary to protecting data, people in many cases need to wipe their sensitive or useless data. And many data destruction programs appear and use different algorithms to help with this task. If you wonder how these algorithms work, you can have a look at this article. If you want to erase some sensitive data or remove all the data before selling your used storage device, then wiping data thoroughly is of great importance. Criminals often do everything to steal your personal information...

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How to Auto Move Incoming Emails to Specific Folders Based on Attachment File Names

Many users hope that Outlook can automatically move and archive the incoming emails to specific mail folders according to the attachment file names. Thus, in this article, we will expose a quick way to help you get it with Outlook VBA. If you desire to auto move the incoming emails to the specific folders as per their attachments’ filenames, you will definitely think of using Outlook rule in the first place. However, you will finally discover that Outlook rule doesn’t have a feature to...

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