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6 Solutions to Write Failure on a USB Flash Drive

When you fail to edit or save files on a USB flash drive, you can use the 6 solutions to resolve such write failure. Since USB flash drive is more portable than traditional hard drive, it has achieved extensive popularity. But it is inevitable that you will encounter various issues in USB flash drive as well, for instance, USB flash drive cannot get recognized by a computer, or the drive fails for some reasons, or it is write-protected falsely. In all cases mentioned above, you will be...

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How to Get a Notification If Not Receiving the Reply of a Specific Email within Expected Time

This article will teach you a quick trick using VBA to let Outlook auto prompt you whether to send a notification email when you haven’t received the reply of a specific email within a specific time. At times, for the vitally important emails, you will definitely look forward to its replies. In other words, you must hope that the recipient can reply to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, as long as you haven’t yet received the reply within your expected time, you will send a follow-up...

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4 Quick Steps to Kill the Shortcut Virus on USB Flash Drive Permanently

As we all know, USB flash is prone to being virus-infected. One of the most common viruses on USB flash drive is shortcut virus. This article will focus on such a virus to teach you how to get rid of it effectively. As its name suggested, the shortcut virus will turn something into shortcuts and even create many unknown shortcuts. In general, on a USB flash drive, the most common scenario is that all the files on USB flash drive will disappear and then creates a shortcut.exe file of the...

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