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How to Keep the Recurrence When Copying a Recurring Task to Calendar as a New Appointment

As usual, when you copy a recurring task to calendar, the task’s recurrence will not be auto added to the new appointment. Thus, this article will share you a quick way to keep the recurrence, which is using Outlook VBA. As we all know, Outlook not only permits users to create recurring appointments but also recurring tasks. At times, you may need to turn a task to an appointment. In this case, as normal, you have two means to accomplish it – drag the task to the destination calendar...

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How to Auto Set the Reminder Date to Start Date Instead of Due Date in Outlook Task

By default, the reminder date of task will automatically be set equal to the due date. Thus, in this article, we will teach how to use Outlook VBA to keep task reminder date same as the start date instead of due date. Perhaps you must have notice that when you create a task whose start date and due date aren’t in the same day, its reminder date will automatically be specified equal to the due date. Moreover, every time you change the due date, reminder date will be changed as well....

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USB Flash Drive vs External Hard Drive: Which Is Better for Storing Your Data?

When it comes to storing data, you will feel hesitant about which type of drive is the best for your data, a regular hard disk drive, a USB flash drive or a solid state drive? This post will compare the first two ones and offer you some suggestions. As data becoming ubiquitous today, more and more kinds of data storage media spring up, such as traditional mechanical hard drive, solid state drive, USB flash drive, memory cards and so on. Confronted with so many choices, you must find yourself...

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