Outlook Data Recovery

How to Batch Move All Emails in an Outlook PST File to a Specific Folder via VBA

If you would like to move all emails in a PST file to a specific folder in another PST file, you can use the method introduced in this article. It will teach you how to use VBA to quickly get it. Sometimes, for some reasons, you may need to move all emails in a specific PST file to a specific folder in another PST file. In this case, if you manually do it, it will be unquestionably pretty troublesome. Therefore, here we will teach a quick method, which will use VBA to loop through all the...

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How to Get Confirmation Before Snoozing the Reminders of Important Items in Outlook

If you prefer to snooze the reminders in your Outlook, sometimes, you may miss the important items. This article will teach you how to prevent yourself from snoozing the reminders of significant items. As you can see, in Outlook, when a reminder pops up, there is a “Snooze” feature in the dialog box, which permits you to suspend the reminder and let it warn you later. More often than not, for most users, if they are pretty busy when reminder alerts, they will select to snooze this...

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How to Always Open Your Email in a Maximized Window with Outlook VBA

Outlook doesn’t offer a direct feature to always open email in maximized window. If you would like to achieve it, you need resort to Outlook VBA. This article will expose the detailed VBA codes and steps to you. When you want to open an email, you can double click on it. In normal situation, the email will open in a small window. Actually, a majority of users prefer to read email in full screen, namely in maximized window. Thus, in this case, you have to manually maximize the Message...

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