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7 Reasons & Solutions for “Disk Boot Failure” Error on Windows

Many Windows users may have encountered the “Disk Boot Failure” error message when they start their computer. Also, many have complained that they suffer severe data loss due to this issue. So this article will delve into it. When computer is booted, the BIOS will try to find a bootable hard dive. However, if BIOS cannot find such a drive to boot from, you will surely see the “disk boot failure” error message in the screen. Also, the boot process will be terminated. In this case, of...

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7 Reasons & Solutions for the Issue That External Hard Drive Runs Very Slowly in Data Transfer

When you are transferring data between your computer and external hard drive, if the drive becomes much slower than before, it is very likely that something wrong has occurred. This article will unveil the 7 main reasons and according solutions. Nowadays, many prefer to select an external hard drive for data backups in that it is affordable and its copying speed is higher than traditional data storage media, such as CD or DVD. However, sometimes, an external hard drive may become very slow...

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How to Prevent Assigning a Specific Category to Unsuitable Emails in Outlook

Some users complain that they always assign color categories to unsuitable mails in Outlook. Focused on this issue, this article will introduce a solution which uses VBA. If you prefer to assign color categories manually in Outlook, it is nearly inevitable that you may color categorize items incorrectly by accident at times. Also, maybe you don’t realize this mistake until a long time later. For instance, you’ve created a specific color category named “Test”, which is specifically...

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