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18 Effective Tricks to Speed up Your Mac System

If you find that your Mac slows down unusually, you can utilize the following 18 tips exposed in this article to speed up your Mac system. Although Mac earns a lot of kudos due to its much higher performance, it still can slow down too. Therefore, when you find that your Mac behaves pretty slowly, do not panic. There are multiple means which can speed it up to a great extent. Thus, here we will unveil the 18 most effective ones, as follows. 1. Free up more Mac drive space All the Mac...

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How to Open Hyperlink in Outlook Directly instead of New Browser Window

When you click on a hyperlink in an Outlook email, the link will be opened in your default internet browser. But actually you can also use the method introduced in this article to open hyperlink directly in Outlook. You must have known that when you click on a hyperlink in an Outlook email, the webpage of the link will open by your default Internet Browser. However, there are many users who would like to directly open the hyperlink within Outlook. In the earlier versions of Outlook, there...

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Is It Possible to Recover Data from a Formatted Hard Drive?

It is quite frustrating that you format your hard drive by accident and find all data lost. You will try to recover the data by all means. This article will discuss about the possibility of successful data recovery from a formatted hard drive. Many people think that it is impossible to recover lost data from a formatted hard drive. To be honest, in most situations, this is a wrong idea. The formatting done by us users is usually logical formatting, which will leave users a chance for data...

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