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9 Simple Steps to Solve the Problem of Read/Write Failure on Memory Card

When you fail to access your memory card data on smartphone or other devices, it is very likely that you are suffering read/write failure. But do not panic. Just follow the steps introduced in this article to solve this problem. Although memory card is developed with greatly increased data storage capacity, it is still susceptible to a variety of problems, which you can check another article – “8 Most Common Memory Card Problems and Their Solutions”. In that post, we only give a brief...

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10 Useful Ways to Get Back Lost Photos on Smartphone Memory Card

Have you ever encountered the case that photos disappear from your smartphone memory card somehow? This article will focus on this issue to tell you how to find back the lost photos. It can be quite frustrating that photos disappear from your smartphone memory card for some reasons, especially if these photos are extremely important. As we all know, nowadays, digital photos usually record our significant memories. Thus, when you encounter photo loss on phone memory cards, you will definitely...

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6 Reasons & Solutions for “Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format” Error

Today, we will discuss the reasons and solutions to a typical error saying “Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format”. This error usually occurs when you want to format a storage device. Now, let’s see the details. When you want to format an internal/external storage device like SD cards, you might receive such a specific error which says “Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format”. Don’t worry. We will analyze top 6 reasons and offer relevant solutions for you. And to start...

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