Outlook Data Recovery

11 Do’s and Don’ts when Deleting Data by Mistake

In some degree, deleting data by mistake, as one of the most common human errors, is inevitable. In that case, you can follow the 11 do’s and don’ts to avoid further damage and increase the odds of successful data recovery. Perhaps you have ever deleted any files by accident. If the deleted files are of great importance, it can be quite frustrating and miserable. In this case, what will you do then? Maybe you’ll proceed to reboot the computer or drive and wish that the deleted files...

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How to Get a Warning before Attaching Confidential Files to Your Outlook Email

It can bring out many troubles if you send confidential files to others via email in your Outlook. Therefore, this article will teach you how to get warned before you attach confidential files to your Outlook mail. Perhaps you are keeping many confidential documents about your company. As we all know, confidential files are extremely significant. You should never send out any of them to others without permissions in that not only can it bring many troubles to your enterprise, but also it can...

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How to Batch Open All the Unread Emails in Your Outlook via VBA

If you would like to open all the unread emails in bulk, you can utilize the method introduced in this article. It is using VBA to find and display all the unread mails in one go. So as to better classify and manage a great amount of mails in your Outlook, you must have created various custom folders and subfolders. Also, perhaps you have enabled many rules to auto move the incoming emails to different folders. In this case, most of time, you’ll find that many new unread emails arrive in...

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