Outlook Data Recovery

7 Causes & Solutions When Failing to Access Data on CD or DVD

If you cannot find the files that you saved in the CD or DVD, you can refer to this article which will discuss this problem and offer effective solutions. Many have data saved in DVD or CD, especially those old data. When you want to access the data, you may get some problems. So today, we will discuss this case and offer you some effective solutions. And here we’d also like to advise you to keep more than 2 backups for the same vital data. Like backing up Outlook data for corrupt pst,...

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How to Quickly Export the Size Information of All Folders in a PST File to an Excel File

If you want to check the size information of each folder in a PST file, you can use the method exposed in this article. It’ll quickly export the size information of all folders in a PST file to an Excel file. When your PST file is too large, you may wish to check the size of each folder. It’ll help you easily figure out which are the larger ones and do suitable archiving on basis of the size. In general, to check the folder size, you can simply right click on a folder and then choose...

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How to Auto Send a Greeting Message to a Contact When His Birthday Is Today

If you hope that Outlook can automatically send a greeting message to the contact when his birthday is today, you can use the method introduced in this article. Many users are accustomed to sending greeting messages to the contacts on their birthdays. Without any doubts, if you check the contacts’ birthdays and send the greeting emails manually, it will be a very tedious task. Therefore, why don’t you let Outlook automatically do it for you? Although Outlook doesn’t provide such a...

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