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How to Auto Apply the Same Color Category to All Members when Categorizing a Contact Group in Outlook

When you apply specific color categories to a contact group, if you want to assign the same categories to all the contacts corresponding to the group members, you could use the method introduced in this article. Some users would like to apply the same color categories to the group members as they color categorizing a contact group. In general, to achieve it manually, you have to firstly find the corresponding contacts and then assign categories. It’ll be quite troublesome. Thus, here...

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How to Batch Empty All “Deleted Items” Folders in All Your Outlook Email Accounts

If you’ve configured several email accounts in your Outlook and each account uses a separate Outlook data file, you will have several “Deleted Items” folders. When you want to empty each “Deleted Items” folder in every email account, you can utilize the piece of VBA code in this article. It permits you to empty them in bulk. As we all know, Outlook allows users to add and configure several email accounts. Plus, if each account uses an individual Outlook data file, every file will...

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6 Solutions When SD Card Shows 0 Bytes in Computer

Today we will talk about an issue that SD card shows 0 byte in the computer. If you meet up with this error, you can refer to this article for 6 effective solutions. The error we discuss today can occur in many cases. And many factors can trigger such kind of error as well. When you insert the SD card and find it shows 0 byte, don’t be panic, you can have a look at this article which will provide 6 powerful methods for you. 1 Connect with other computer To start with, if you come...

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