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How to Not Add “Copy:” Prefix in Subject when Copying a Meeting from One Outlook Calendar to Another

If you dislike the auto added “Copy:” prefix in the subject when copying a meeting from one calendar to another, you can use the method introduced in this article. It’s able to help you auto strip the annoying prefix. By default, when you copy a meeting from one Outlook calendar to another, the “Copy:” prefix will be automatically added to the copied meeting’s subject. But, in most cases, you may feel that the “Copy:” prefix is too redundant and useless. So, in the...

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How to Display Attachment Count in Email List with Outlook VBA

If you would like to quickly get the count of attachments in each email in email list, you can use the VBA code in this article. It’ll auto count the attachments in every incoming email and display the count in a new column. Some users frequently need to count the email attachments. In this scenario, why not create and enable an exclusive column for displaying the attachment count? In the followings, we will teach you how to make Outlook auto count the email attachments and show the count...

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9 Most Common Signs of Hard Drive Failure on Mac System

Even though you take good care of your Mac, if internal hard drive fails, your data will suffer as well. Thus, in this article, we will teach you to diagnose a failing hard drive from 9 common signs. When it comes to hard drive failure, you must become concerned about the data stored in this hard drive, no matter on Windows-based PC or Mac. Therefore, it is quite essential for every user to develop a good habit of backing up valuable data on a periodical basis. It’s because data backups...

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