Outlook Data Recovery

How to Auto Insert Current Date into the Subjects of Incoming Emails with Outlook VBA

If you always want to insert the current date into the subjects of incoming emails as they land into your local mailbox, you can utilize the VBA code introduced in this post. My previous article “How to Auto Insert Current Date or Time into Email Subject or Body with Outlook VBA” has taught you to insert the current date into email subject when you’re composing an email. Similarly, many users wish that Outlook can auto insert the current date into the subject of incoming email as they...

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How to Quickly Export the Total Count of Items in Each Outlook Folder to Excel

If you want to get a report about the count of items in each Outlook folder, you can use the method introduced in this article. It will quickly do the counting and export the results into an Excel file. In my previous article – “How to Quickly Get the Total Count of Items in a Folder and All Its Subfolders via Outlook VBA”, you can learn a method using VBA to get the count of items in a folder. However, by that means, if you want to count the items in all folders, you have to select...

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5 Cases where Hard Drive Data Recovery May Be Impossible

Even though you spill liquids on your hard drive accidently, you still can resort to data recovery experts to get back your drive data. However, there are some cases in which your data may be unrecoverable. This article will list out 5 of them. As a kind of data storage device, hard drives have to be protected carefully. But, in reality, it is inevitable that various accidents can happen to the drive at times. For instance, you place a cup filled with water closely to a drive. And later you...

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