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How to Display Message Excerpt in Email List via Outlook VBA

At times, you may want to view the beginning of an email without opening it simply in email list. This article will teach you how to quickly the first 50 characters of the message body and display the excerpt in a new column. Outlook provides users with “Preview” feature, but it does not display message excerpt in a column. If you prefer to view message excerpt in a separate column, similar to the “Subject” columns alike, you can use the method introduced in this article. It will...

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Which RAID Level Is More Suitable for Your Personal Data?

RAID refers to Redundant Array of Independent Disks, which is an advanced data storage technology. As there are many RAID levels, many home users are confused at which is suitable for their personal data. This post will give some suggestions. With RAID technology, you will be able to connect two or more drives in a storage system. With several physical disks combined into a single large volume fast disk, not only will the system performance get improved drastically, but also you will...

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7 Factors You Must Consider when Buying Memory Card

So as to equip your phone or camera with additional storage, you can resort to a memory card. When buying such a card, you’d better take the 7 factors listed in this article into account. They can help you select a right card for your device. When it comes to shopping a memory card, many users may think it fairly simple. To be honest, it is indeed easy to buy one. You can shop online or just buy in your nearest retailer. However, selecting a right and appropriate one isn’t as simple as...

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