Outlook Data Recovery

How to Batch Export the Details of Multiple Outlook Notes into a Plain Text File

Outlook allows you to save many notes into a plain text file, but this file will only contain the modified time of notes without the detailed note contents. So this post will show a piece of VBA code which can export notes’ details to a text file in bulk. Perhaps you’ve discovered that Outlook default feature - “Save As” does not make a good job when saving multiple notes as one Plain Text file. It is because the text file will not include the elaborate contents of the note items....

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How to Batch Embed All Images from a Windows Folder into an Outlook Email

This article will teach you how to batch embed all images in a Windows folder into the body of an Outlook email. I’ve introduced how to quickly attach all files in a local folder to an Outlook email in my previous article – “3 Quick Methods to Attach All Files in a Local Folder to an Outlook Email”. Similar to that, at times, you may desire to quickly embed all images from a Windows folder into the body of an outlook email in batches. Thus, thereinafter, we will expose a piece of...

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8 Effective Solutions to “Reboot and Select proper boot device” Prompt

Today we will talk about a prompt that shows up during computer booting process. The prompt mentions “Reboot and Select proper boot device”. You can refer to this article for solutions. Various situations might occur when people try to boot the computer. So today we will discuss about one typical prompt that shows up during the booting process. The prompt says that “Reboot and Select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key”. 1 Check...

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