Outlook Data Recovery

7 Important Tips to Prevent iPhone Data Loss during iOS Update

iPhone data loss during or after iOS update is not rare. Therefore, it is essential for iPhone users to learn some tricks about how to prevent it. Now, in this article, we’ll expose 7 effective tips to you. Compared to the latest iOS version, the older iOS not only lack the new features of the newest iOS, but also the old one will contain some potential vulnerability. Thus, many iPhone users cannot wait to upgrade to this newest iOS system to get rid of old iOS’s weakness and enjoy...

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How to Hide Fax Entries in Your Outlook “Select Names” List via VBA

Perhaps you’ve discovered that your Outlook “Select Names” list contains not only the email addresses but also the fax entries. It is too chaotic. Thus, in this article, we will teach you how to quickly hide these redundant fax entries. When you compose a mail and intend to add recipients, you may be accustomed to clicking “To” field to select recipients in the “Select Names” list. In this case, you may find that there are some fax entries being mixed up with the email...

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How to Send Outlook Meeting Updates Only to Those Who Accepted the Invitation

By default, Outlook will always send meeting updates to all attendees, regardless of their responses. However, most of time, what you want is to send updates simply to those who accepted this meeting invitation. So this article will help you realize it. After making any modifications on a meeting, when you intend to save it, Outlook will ask you to send meeting updates to all the attendees, no matter whether they have accepted or declined this meeting invitation. Nevertheless, often, you may...

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