Outlook Data Recovery

How to Quickly Copy All Color Categories from One Outlook PST File to Another via VBA

If you would like to copy all color categories from one Outlook PST file to another, it is a good option to utilize the VBA code shown in this article. It can assist you to get it in quick time. At times, you may want to copy all color categories from one Outlook PST file to another file, simply in order to make the color categories of all your Outlook files unified and manage your Outlook items more effectively. Although you could also realize it by the way introduced in my previous article...

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5 Most Popular Ways to Back up Your Mac Data

Without any doubts, one of the best ways to safeguard your Mac data is to persist in making regular data backups. Now, in this post, we’ll expose 5 most common ways to back up your Mac. Data loss can occur from various things, ranging from operating system failure to software conflicts to virus infection to hardware issues to data disasters, such as fire, flood, and so on. No matter the lost data is business data or personal data, it is always quite miserable. Thereby, it’s vitally...

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How to Quickly Delay Sending Specific Emails until Working Hours in Your Outlook

If you need to prevent yourself from sending specific emails outside working hours, you can utilize the method shown in this article. It can let Outlook auto check if it’s in working hours when you send specific emails and delay it until working hours. At times, the time when you compose and send a mail isn’t within your working hours. In this case, you may wish to delay sending this email until the subsequent working hours. Generally, you can use the native feature “Delay Delivery”...

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