Outlook Data Recovery

When Is It Necessary to Format a Hard Drive?

In some cases, formatting a hard drive can resolve many problems. But, it will also erase all of the hard drive data. Now, in this article, we’ll look at this issue and tell you when it is necessary to format your hard drive. Due to the fact that formatting a hard drive can fix many issues on the computer, many users may tend to perform it as soon as they encounter any serious issues on their PC. But, in reality, by this means, their data will vanish into thin air. Thus, most users will...

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How to Attach an Excel Worksheet as a PDF Attachment in Your Outlook Email

If you want to quickly convert an Excel worksheet to a PDF file and then attach this PDF file to an Outlook email to send it, you can utilize the method introduced in this article. It is using VBA to accomplish this task within seconds. To be honest, to attach an entire Excel workbook as a PDF attachment in an email is pretty easy. You can first save the workbook as a PDF file and then create a new Outlook email and attach the PDF file to this mail. However, in Excel, there is no such a...

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How to Auto Highlight All Occurrences of Specific Words for Each Incoming Email in Outlook

Some users want to let Outlook search each incoming email for all occurrences of specific words and then highlight them automatically. Though Outlook doesn’t offer such a native function, it still can be realized via the VBA code exposed in this post. In order to quickly figure out the important text in long and tedious emails, many users would like to make the specific words highlighted automatically. That is to say, Outlook should auto search every incoming email and highlight the...

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