Outlook Data Recovery

7 Reasons and Solutions for Inaccessible Memory Card

Memory card, as a kind of popular data storage medium, can get inaccessible for various reasons. Now, in this article, we will focus on the inaccessible memory card and reveal its 7 common causes and related solutions. As the storage capacity of many portable devices, such as smartphone or camera, is limited, users usually tend to achieve additional storage space by procuring a memory card. However, like the standard hard disk drive, memory card can get compromised readily,...

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How to Quickly Merge Multiple Outlook Notes via VBA

This article will teach you how to merge multiple Outlook notes into a single note in quick time simply via a piece of VBA code. At times, you may think that there are too many notes in the Notes folder, which looks pretty messy. In this case, perhaps merging the overdue or useless notes into a single note can make your Notes folder in order. However, Outlook has not provided such a direct function. Fortunately, you can use VBA code to realize it. In the followings, we will expose the...

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How to Clone Larger Hard Drive to Smaller One

Many users are confused about how to clone a hard disk to a disk which has smaller storage capacity. This article will look at this issue and teach you how to achieve it. Cloning a hard disk before data recovery can prevent further damage on original hard disk and drastically increase the chances for successful data recovery, such as PST recovery. Also, apart from in data recovery, when you want to replace or upgrade your computer hard disk, you have to clone the original hard disk,...

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