Exchange OST File Recovery

4 Key Points to Consider While Running Antivirus Programs on Exchange Servers

One needs to apply apt thought while choosing a server side antivirus on an Ms Exchange Server and also remain aware of possible issues that may crop up.   The Ms Exchange mailbox databases are full of important and sensitive information which needs all the protection that they can get. Purely from a security view point, running an antivirus program on Ms Exchange Server is a good choice. In fact most experts agree that multilevel security goes a long way in securing your network. ...

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A Quick Overview of Exchange Native Data Protection

In this article we understand the concept of Native Data Protection present in Ms Exchange Server and look at points to keep in mind while implementing the same. The Native Data Protection options available in MS Exchange are so efficient and reliable that you can totally let go of regular backups for saving the data. The Native Data Protection in Exchange provides users with in-built features for protecting mailbox data, without making use of any backups. If you want to, you can continue...

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How to Phase Out Archived Exchange Mailboxes Effectively

In this article we look at the rationale behind phasing out archived mailboxes and to do so in an effective manner. Archiving mailboxes in Exchange has become an increasingly popular way of storing unused mailboxes. Many users do it simply because it is a company policy, and others are afraid they might need it at some point in future. Archiving mailboxes is certainly a good way of storing your Exchange mailboxes, and with the coming of the possibility of storing them online, archiving has...

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