Exchange OST File Recovery

How to go about fixing a heavily damaged OST file?

OST (Offline Folder File) is a type of storage file in Microsoft Outlook which allows users to save information on a single file. An OST file let’s users to access stored information when they are not connected to the internet or not hooked on to the main server. OST files stores all the important information like emails, contacts and calendar. When an OST file gets damaged it becomes quite a nuisance for the user to recover the data stored in it. Microsoft Outlook is a popular email...

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How to effortlessly free deleted item space on Outlook?

Outlook client stores all user information in PST (Personal Storage Table) or OST (Offline Folder File) format. However, both PST and OST files have a limited storage capacity. If the data stored in it exceeds the maximum capacity it causes various errors and problems, eventually leading to file corruption. If such a thing happens user are compelled to recover OST and PST files from the Exchange Server with the help of some specialized software. It is therefore important to compact personal...

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Easy to use Methods of converting OST files into PST format

OST or Offline Folder File plays a very important role in the functioning of Outlook client by storing important information like emails, contacts, notes and calendar information in the computer hard drive. This allows users to access their emails while offline and also compose and send emails after being connected to the server. However, to prevent any data loss due in case of corruption it is extremely important to convert the file from OST to PST format. There are instances where a user...

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