Exchange OST File Recovery

Easy to use Methods of converting OST files into PST format

OST or Offline Folder File plays a very important role in the functioning of Outlook client by storing important information like emails, contacts, notes and calendar information in the computer hard drive. This allows users to access their emails while offline and also compose and send emails after being connected to the server. However, to prevent any data loss due in case of corruption it is extremely important to convert the file from OST to PST format. There are instances where a user...

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A Quick Beginner’s guide to avoid an Outlook crash

Microsoft Outlook is one the most popular email client used all over the world by both individuals and corporates to communicate with their clients and customers. Outlook retrieves emails from email servers and stores them in the computer hard drive. Outlook is usually known to be quiet stable, but sometimes even this stable email client malfunctions leading to the deletion of important data from the server and to recover exchange you have to go through a long procedure. It is therefore...

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When Microsoft Outlook Shuts Down Incorrectly

Many problems with Microsoft Outlook and the offline folder files or OST files occur due to hardware problems such as hard disk failure or power outages causing corruption in the file. There are times though when improper usage of the application causes corruption and one needs to verify the integrity of the data. We look at the steps we need to take when Microsoft Outlook shuts down incorrectly. In Outlook versions before 2003 such as Outlook 2002 or 2000, the offline folder feature or OST...

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