Exchange OST File Recovery

2 Types of Groups in Exchange Server

In this article we are going to see two types of groups in Exchange server and their usages. Introduction: Before I cover the Exchange groups, I would like to cover the basics of Active Directory (AD) groups. This is because Exchange is completely rely on AD groups. There are two types of groups in Active Directory. Security Distribution Security: This group will be useful to apply any security permission for multiple users. It can be either grant or deny permission. After creating...

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How Mail Flow Works in Exchange Server

In this article, we are going to see how both internal and external mail flow works in Exchange server to have a better understanding which will help you to troubleshoot any issues related to mail flow. Introduction: Have you ever wondered how the mails are getting delivered to the recipients? There are lot of things going on in the background in order to complete a single transaction. Are you interested to learn about the mail flow? Then you are in the correct place:). In Exchange server...

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How to Create a Mailbox Database in Exchange Server

In this article, we are going to see how to create a mailbox database in Exchange server, which holds all the user mailboxes in it. Introduction: In our last few articles in this series, we are keep learning about user mailboxes. Now you have understood how it is getting stored in the database. In Exchange 2010 there are two versions. Standard and Enterprise editions. There are quite few differences between each editions, however the primary will be the number of databases that is allowed in...

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