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Key Improvements and Compliance Features in MS Exchange 2016

In this article we look at several key improvements and compliance features introduced in Ms Exchange 2016, with emphasis on security, compliance and e-discovery MS Exchange Server is the messaging platform that also provides its users with features like email service, calendar and other tools required for collaboration and messaging. The 2016 edition of MS Exchange comes after the 2013 edition and has improved a lot on its cloud capabilities. The latest edition of Exchange will provide you...

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A Quick Overview of Edge Transport Servers in Exchange

In this article we take a closer look at edge transport servers in Ms Exchange and learn how they increase both availability and security of your email data. Edge Transport Server in MS Exchange helps reduce areas that are vulnerable to threats, meaning the attack surface. Edge Transport severs are able to do this by managing incoming mails. The agents which use Edge Transport Servers are often used for protection by providing additional layers of security. They are mainly used for...

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4 Different Backup Methods in Your Exchange Server

In this article we look at several types of backup options present in Ms Exchange Server You can find multiple ways for backing up data in MS Exchange, which will help you keep data safe and secure. However it is important to note, that none of these methods are full proof and often require to be accompanied with other methods for best results. All the methods come with a set of advantages and disadvantages which you need to be aware of before you can make a selection of which method to use....

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