SQL Server Database Recovery

A Quick Low down on Key Benefits Business can expect after Migrating to a Database like SQL Server from Spreadsheets or Data Files

In this article we look at the benefits associated in moving your business data from a spreadsheet or data file to DBMS solution like SQL Server Using a Database like SQL Server to save data is now considered a more efficient way than saving it in a spreadsheet or a data file and this is all the more beneficial for the small businesses for better organization and safety of the data. After all, the main reason for using data files or spreadsheets is to save data for records and when you...

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Using the SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition – Remain Prepared to Deal with Contingencies

With the 2014 iteration of its flagship database product, Microsoft seems to have stolen a march over its competitors. Features like AlwaysOn availability groups have literally redefined the way companies looked at achieving high availability and business continuity. Considered as a significant improvement over plain vanilla disk mirroring, this feature seems to have gone down well with both users and analysts. However if you have opted for a SQL Server Standard license, you would remain bereft...

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The PowerPivot Add In Feature expands the ease with which SQL Data can be analyzed

The Ms Excel application is without doubt the most popular spreadsheet application on the planet and has millions of avid users. Excel is typically used for analyzing data and those who are familiar with the application simply love its easy filtering and sorting features. Now if you have always wanted to read the SQL Server data in an Excel spreadsheet, it is now possible without much hassle with the PowerPivot feature. On the technology front the PowerPivot relies on SQL Server Analysis...

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