SQL Server Database Recovery

Key Storage Considerations to Keep in Mind during a SQL Server Setup

In this article we look at certain storage considerations (disk drives) that one needs to keep in mind while implement a SQL Server instance It is difficult to reach to a decision when it comes to how many disk drives are to be purchased for installing a new SQL Server instance. The need is often dictated by business requirements along with the need for redundancy and business continuity.  This is also an issue of storage space and capacity. One would also have to keep in mind the...

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Still not using a database like SQL Server in your Services business – this is what you are missing

If you are running a services business – a database can make a huge difference in growing your business and optimizing performance. Most small business owners typically believe that databases are beneficial for big companies only; however this cannot be further from truth. Having a database always helps, the company can be of any size, if it has all its customer and employee information in place, it will almost always have an edge over the others. Small businesses can very much have their...

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