SQL Server Database Recovery

Generating secure passwords that are easy to remember in SQL Server

In this article we look at ways to generate secure and easy to recall passwords in SQL Server Almost all of the important information worldwide is often secured using passwords, pin codes or scanners (finger print scans / facial scans). In case of scanning, there is nothing the user needs to remember, for pin, there are only numbers, but in case of passwords, it is always a difficult combination. A lot of people have problems remembering their passwords, for this reason they end up using...

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A quick lowdown on enhancements rolled out in SQL Server Management Studio 2016

In this article we look at key enhancements that have been incorporated in SQL Server Management Studio 2016 The SQL Server Management studio is one of the multiple applications launched with SQL Server. It was first launched in the 2005 edition of SQL Server, and from 2015 onwards Microsoft decided to ship SQL Server Management Studio separate from the SQL Server. The SQL Server Management Studio was designed with the purpose of negotiating, configuring and handling the SQL Server and its...

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Starting with Ms SQL Server – Do Learn the Basics about Indexes

In this article we introduce you to the concept of Indexes in Ms SQL Server In SQL Server, indexes are used to make the task of data access comparatively faster.  With the help of indexes, we are able to glance at the entire database file in a single scroll. Like in every book we see an index at the beginning; it makes the presentation of our data more systematic and organized. Indexes are mostly in the form of tables. They have entries of topics and sub-topics. It works in a...

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