SQL Server Database Recovery

Why is It Extremely Important to Enforce Stringent Security Measures in a SQL Server Deployment?

Using a case study where an organization had to suffer the consequences of lax security measures, we try to understand why it is critical to enforce strict security measures in any enterprise SQL deployment. The most preferred enterprise level relational database management system – SQL Server, is also supposed to be one of the most protected and well maintained software. No company fills a SQL Server database with data that is not important; being an expensive product that it is, SQL is...

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How to Use DBCC CLONEDATABASE in SQL Server Older than 2014 SP2

DBCC CloneDatabase command is available only from SQL Server 2014 SP2; it is not available in previous versions. However, if you want to use this on versions older than 2014, then you can use this script. With 2014 SP2 Whenever there is a performance issue, you need a copy of the production database. However, it is not necessary that the copy you create should be with data to investigate the performance issue. So Microsoft introduced DBCC CLONEDATABASE in the service pack 2 for SQL SERVER...

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How to Fix SQL Server Configuration Manager with T-SQL Script

If your SQL Server Configuration Manager is showing an error on screen instead of SQL Server details, then it is time to fix it. Use this script and fix the problem. SQL Server configuration Manager: SQL Server Configuration manager is the GUI through which you can control SQL Server services and network protocols. Though you can start or stop SQL Server services using Microsoft Windows Services console, to control network protocols of your SQL instance you certainly need SLQ Server...

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