SQL Server Database Recovery

How to Auto Monitor the Changes of Port Numbers for Multiple SQL Servers

If there is a change in the SQL Server's port number, connections will fail. In order to avoid this, it is a good practice to proactively monitor SQL Server's port number and act on non-compliance. Monitoring SQL Server's port number is important. So in this article, we would be learning to automate it. TCP/IP – A universal method The TCP/IP is a universal network protocol that is used to connect to a SQL server instance. When the port number of SQL Server is changed, application connected...

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How to Import Stock Data into Your SQL Server database

As a trader, you would want to analyze the performance of stocks to invest on the right stock. In this article we will learn how to use Microsoft SQL Server database to store historical stock data which we can later analyze using TSQL scripts or Excel macros to assist investment plans. Prepare the data: There are several online finance portals that provide historical data to public. For example, in Google finance, you can get historical data for a ticker in a tabular format. Though there is...

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