SQL Server Database Recovery

Quick Capacity Planning tips before a SQL Server Implementation

As the need to process more and more data becomes a matter of necessity for small and medium firms, a large many of them are looking at using SQL Server as their data repository. With large enterprises, the availability of trained manpower makes the installation of SQL server a hassle free process. However the reverse is true for small companies where the generic IT guy is called out to run the server implementation. In many such companies capacity planning is typically avoided and it can lead...

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Key Features to Expect in Upcoming SQL Server 2014

A large of number of large and small businesses today have placed their faith in the MS SQL Server database application for managing their records in a safe and effective manner. This versatile database product has been able to retain its credibility over the years owing to the technological improvements made in each of the iterations. With the 2014 edition expected to be released in near future, most SQL Server enthusiasts are already waiting in anticipation to explore the new features, some...

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Using Power View in Ms SQL Server 2012 with SharePoint

Databases today tend to serve as huge repositories of knowledge and they typically incorporate a plethora of business data. Quite expectedly they are managed by skilled administrators and developers who create applications to extract information from them. However for a company executive looking to get a view of certain data present in the database is a complicated affair as it involves making a request to the database team to create a user defined report. However with SQL Server 2012 it is...

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