SQL Server Database Recovery

Why Small Businesses Should Look to go for SQL Server Instead of Ms Access

In an increasingly technology driven world, the efficacy of your business systems often plays a crucial role in determining your competitiveness. Even small businesses which are experiencing a growth need to invest in technology to keep their momentum going. When it comes to databases a huge number of small businesses prefer to run applications on an Ms Access backend. The fact that the Access database ships as a part of Ms Office application is often a primary reason for businesses to create...

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3 Effective Ways to Improve Performance of SQL Server

When you are looking to improve the performance of a SQL Server implementation you need to look at the issue in a holistic manner. From giving thought to how the deployment is planned out to how the application logic is addressing the data, a host of issues have to be factored in. You would also need to minutely go through the schema design and also visualize the scalability issues affecting your system. Even minuscule things like the data types you choose for a specific field can have an...

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Quick tips to improve the performance of SQL Server Queries

The SQL Server database application from Microsoft is known for its capacity to handle numerous queries in real time in an effective manner. However with every database system, inefficient querying can place an inordinate amount of load on the server which would eventually make it slow to respond when a flood of queries comes through. As a database administrator, you should always be looking at improving your database application and optimizing your SQL queries with an eye on improving overall...

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