SQL Server Database Recovery

Understand Why MS SQL Server is Ideal for Mid Sized Businesses

A quick look at mid sized organizations dotting the business landscape will give you a very good idea about their IT needs. Since they already have a significant size, its stakeholders expect most of the support and business infrastructure that is typically associated with large enterprises. However a mid sized business does not have the financial bandwidth of a mega corporation and has to work under several constraints. IT budgets are often limited and when you are looking to implement a...

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Quick tips to keep in Mind while Backing Up SQL Server Databases

Most large organizations typically follow a specified plan for backing up their databases. In many enterprises there are written plans for taking backups that clearly outline the failsafe procedures. Some of the activities that enterprises engage regularly include strict periodic backups with multiple copies being stored at different places, on a daily basis. Moreover they use Storage Area Networks to organize the backups in a more effective manner. However for small and mid tier firms running...

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Benefits of Encrypting your SQL Server Backups

Organizations today find themselves in a challenging security environment where their critical data is at risk from malicious individuals and in some cases from business rivals too. Moreover with government and regulatory bodies enforcing stringent data security and privacy guidelines, any incident of data loss can lead to serious legal and financial ramifications. Given the scenario you can never be too cautious and even consider the idea of encrypting your backup files. With Microsoft...

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