SQL Server Database Recovery

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services – Key Advantages

We today live in a hyper-connected world where information is the key to success for both individuals and businesses. However raw information contained in a data repository can hardly make a clear sense and this where data reporting tools come into the picture. The SQL Server database in its enterprise edition and other iterations comes with a powerful reporting service (SSRS) which helps you gain insights from the data stored in your repository and even allows you the flexibility to mix...

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Learn How SQL Server Handles Time zones

In the computing world, time zones have a very important place. Imagine a news website where content is published from two different places. If the time zones are not synchronized, the order in which stories may appear may be incorrect. Or you can consider the case of a bid based shopping site which gets accessed from different regions. If time zones are not factored in, some people from a certain location may get the idea that the bid closing time mentioned is their local time and end up...

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Understand Why MS SQL Server is Ideal for Mid Sized Businesses

A quick look at mid sized organizations dotting the business landscape will give you a very good idea about their IT needs. Since they already have a significant size, its stakeholders expect most of the support and business infrastructure that is typically associated with large enterprises. However a mid sized business does not have the financial bandwidth of a mega corporation and has to work under several constraints. IT budgets are often limited and when you are looking to implement a...

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