SQL Server Database Recovery

Moving up to the SQL Server 2014 – Measure the ROI of the upgrade

Every new version of popular software products from the Microsoft stable is eagerly awaited by its users and SQL Server is hardly an exception. When the 2014 iteration rolled out, a number of companies who were running previous editions of the software made an instant decision to upgrade. However there are many that resisted the urge due to myriad reasons. Now if your organization too is holding out from upgrading to the latest version, then you need to take up a ROI based analysis of the move...

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Dealing with a Pesky log-in failure error in the MS SQL Server

The MS SQL Server today find a rather preeminent place in the pantheon of enterprise database solutions available today, owing to its sublime combination of top of the line features with overall ease of use. In fact many database professional in large entities prefer to use the SQL Server over its illustrious competitors for the sheer fact that it is easy to maintain and administer. However SQL Server too has some flaws which can affect the user confidence. One of this relates to receiving a...

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Consider both the benefits and drawbacks of using Functions in Queries

The MS SQL Server is considered one of the most versatile database applications in vogue today and it packs in quite a punch to ease your work. Now while you are creating queries to run on the SQL Server database, you can include functions in them. While most database professionals from a programming background are well versed with functions, others may be hesitant to use them. Essentially functions are pieces of reusable code that can be called in whenever necessary to execute a series of...

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