SQL Server Database Recovery

Understand the reasons behind permission denied errors occurring while accessing stored procedures in MS SQL Server

Stored procedures in MS SQL Server offer us a great deal of flexibility by which users can avoid writing queries every time for performing tasks that are typically repeated. For the uninitiated, stored procedures are nothing but queries that you can save for future use by you and others to whom you have authorized access to. Incidentally SQL Server ships with several prebuilt procedures for the perusal of its users. Now there may be incidents where an user in your organization can complain that...

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Negotiating Out of Space Errors that Creep up in MS SQL Server

Encountering error messages while working with the MS SQL Server application is a par for the course for most database professionals. However receiving an out of space error message may be a rare occurrence and it can leave you bewildered if you thought you had enough physical space on the system. In this article we would look at the causes behind such an error being returned and look at rectifying the situation.   Possible Causes behind an Out of Space error message If you have...

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Dealing with a Suspect Database in MS SQL Server – A Primer

The MS SQL Server database has a strong set of error checking and management features inbuilt in it. At times when it diagnoses a database as corrupt it may attempt to run a recovery on it. If it does not achieve its desired goals and seems to fail, the SQL Server would mark the database as suspect. Now this scenario can be caused due to several situations which will look in detail and explore options to rectify the issue.   Possible Causes for Database to be placed in Suspect...

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