SQL Server Database Recovery

Moving Users to a New Server in MS SQL – Quick Ideas

At times you may need to change the server running a SQL Server instance in your company. Now irrespective of whether you are looking to upgrade to a new machine or even move to a new location, you would have to migrate all SQL users too. Now when mention that users need to be moved, we are referring to usernames and passwords that need to be transferred to the new machine. Now this can also be achieved manually but the process is tedious and ideally should be avoided unless you have very few...

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Learn Why MS SQL Server is increasingly becoming popular over its rivals

While most SQL Server proponents have always believed that the application could hold its own against more pricey and famed rivals in the enterprise segment, it now seems that a lot of organizations are increasingly reposing their thrust in it too. According to the findings of research firm Gartner, the MS SQL server has shown a higher growth rate since 2010 than some of its highly illustrious rivals. In fact it is also scoring well against highly sophisticated solutions like SAP Hana which...

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Avoiding the use of SQL Server Express edition in an enterprise environment

In many large organizations, management of IT infrastructure is not streamlined and there may be independent departments with their own support staff and dedicated computer hardware. This is especially true in many mid tier firms and some enterprises too who have operations at multiple locales and yet lack a comprehensive IT management policy. At times individual departments or branch offices tend to make their own IT purchase decisions and this can even extend to database solutions. In an...

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