SQL Server Database Recovery

Understanding the Concept of High Availability and How it is achieved in SQL Server

In a hyper connected world, the idea of long server or application downtimes does go well with businesses. Hence there is an increasing emphasis on making application available around the clock without fail. Now the concept of high availability is intrinsically linked to the expectation of the user base of an application. This is typically measured against the actual time a service or application was up against the expected uptime and result multiplied by hundred to get the percentage. A lot of...

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Opting for the SQL Server Developer Edition – When and Why

Software publishers and individual developers looking to create software on the .Net environment prefer to have access to the SQL Server application during the development stage. Even companies looking to develop in-house application also may find the need to use a SQL Server version for testing. In all such cases one should opt for the SQL Server Developer edition instead of the express edition due to myriad reasons which we have listed below.   The Developer Edition is full fledged and...

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Moving Users to a New Server in MS SQL – Quick Ideas

At times you may need to change the server running a SQL Server instance in your company. Now irrespective of whether you are looking to upgrade to a new machine or even move to a new location, you would have to migrate all SQL users too. Now when mention that users need to be moved, we are referring to usernames and passwords that need to be transferred to the new machine. Now this can also be achieved manually but the process is tedious and ideally should be avoided unless you have very few...

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