Database Recovery

Running a PCI Compliant System on Old SQL Server edition – its your time to upgrade

PCI Compliance is an important statutory regulation applicable for many companies and it is important to check whether your database can confirm to the mandated standards. Are you still using the old SQL Server Edition to run a PCT Compliant System, then there is a possibility that you may fail in your next audit. Now one of the biggest requirements for audit is that your software must be supported by its vendor and surprisingly, Microsoft does no longer supports old SQL Server editions...

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Quick Tips on Optimizing Analysis Services in SQL Server

Looking to optimize Analysis services – run through this bunch of tips   Analysis Services play an important role in delivering OLAP or online analytical processing and other business intelligence applications. So, it is important to check out some quick tips on Optimizing Analysis Services in SQL Server for an overall better performance. Separating OLTP Server from OLAP Server when they are with Heavy Traffic: The first useful tip in increasing the Analysis Services in an SQL Server...

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Make your SQL Queries Super Efficient with these Relevant Tips

Read this article to boost up your SQL Server queries The speed of query execution in an SQL Server Database is a critical aspect to keep in mind especially if you wish to boost an overall performance. Choosing the right indexes and knowing which ones to use at which situation is another important aspect for increasing the efficiency of the server. So, here are some relevant tips that can make your SQL Queries super efficient. Use SQL Server Profiler Properly: The first smart tip to...

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