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SQL Server 2016 and Big Data – Learn How they play well together

In this article we explore the exciting concept of Big Data and SQL Server working in tandem While in a layman’s term it can be defined as nomenclature for lots of data, but in definition, Big Data refers to extremely large and complex data sets which cannot be managed and processed with the help of conventional data management tools. It is heterogeneous data generated at high speed, requiring new tools, applications and frameworks for its processing and managing. An example of Big Data is...

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Running a Mid tier firm – Here’s why you need to upgrade your SQL Server database to the 2016 edition

In this article we look at motivators for midsized firm to upgrade to the 2016 edition of SQL Server. For any kind of business it is always important to have a well managed database, as it can help it grow vertically as well as horizontally. A mid tier firm is most likely to use the standard edition of SQL Server 2012, which lacks a very important function of Business Intelligence (BI). BI as the name suggests, helps perform lot of important and intelligent functions, essential for the...

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Database Partitioning – Key concepts every DBA must know

In this article we would go through the key concepts associated with Database partitioning in SQL Server Partitioning in SQL Server is used for easy maintenance and improved performance of the database. It allows splitting of large tables along with individual tables. Queries which require access to limited data can be performed quickly as the data to be scanned is lesser. Maintenance task like rebuilding indexes or backing up tables, can be performed quickly. Partitioning does not always...

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