Database Recovery

How to Fix Damaged MDF and LDF files in SQL Server

This post is intended to explain the importance and functionalities of MDF and LDF file in an SQL Server, along with common reasons due to which they go corrupt. The section further discusses ways to repair these damaged files. Introduction of SQL Server Files SQL Server by Microsoft is a database management system. The system stores and helps retrieve data as and when requested by other applications. There are mainly three files in this server namely – MDF, NDF, and LDF. First two files...

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Critical Security and Compliance Guidelines in SQL Server

In this post, readers will get to know about some important security and compliances guidelines/recommendations that are highly important for successfully running SQL Server. Are you looking for few good recommendations in terms of security and compliances for SQL Server database? You’ve come to the right place. Having knowledge of these compliances can help you ensure enhanced security of your SQL server. Additionally, it can also be helpful in the recovery and restore procedure such as a...

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5 Basic Facts about MDF and LDF files in SQL Server

This sections aims to explain in brief the functions of MDF and LDF files in an SQL server database. Other than that, the post also explains basic differences between the two. MDF and LDF Files in SQL Server Database All the companies need a system to store/retrieve information. The information can be anything from customer data, to market research, inventory of supplies, accounts information, etc. But, where do companies store that data and how do they retrieve it? Well, they use databases...

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