Database Recovery

How to Check Database Integrity and Identify Corrupt Databases Automatically via Script

It is common that DBAs use SQL Server's Maintenance plan to check the integrity of databases. If the maintenance plan fails during execution, it is understood that one or many databases have failed the integrity check. The DBA then has to check the SQL log or Maintenance plan's Execution history to identify the corrupted database. The below script will send info about corrupted databases so that a DBA can directly work on the repair rather than wasting time in identifying which database was...

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3 Possible Vulnerabilities and Solutions in SQL Server Email

In this article we look at the vulnerabilities associated with enabling SQL Mail and look at ways to work around such security issues For SQL users, enabling an email database for replying to database queries is possible, since queries are handled by the database itself. However a minimum requirement for activating an email database in the application is to run SQL Server with a domain account having access to local admin privileges. However one of the drawbacks of using mail activated SQL...

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4 Possible Security Concerns in SQL Server Express Edition

In this article we look at key security vulnerabilities that one can possibly be exposed to while working with SQL Server Express edition. All editions of SQL Server although come with a lot of security features, the user might still have to face security issues in almost all of its editions. Quite in sync with the popular belief that cheap goods are low in quality and expensive ones are high, the SQL Server Express Edition, available for free, has much more security issues than the paid...

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