Database Recovery

3 Things to Keep in Mind when Backing up a Huge SQL Database

In this article we look at set of practical tips which can help you in backing up large SQL databases. SQL Server databases in many organizations contain recent as well as data that is years old. Such databases tend to grow up into very large and heavy files, as over the years, the content only keeps on increasing. As the databases become heavier, the backing up process becomes lengthier and more time consuming. This is one of the biggest reasons along with chances of damaged sql which...

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How to Auto Identify SQL Server Operator and Add It to Job Notification

Monitoring the status of SQL server jobs is very important. If there is corrupted SQL Server agent, then jobs would not run as scheduled. So make sure you repair corrupted SQL Server before proceeding. Auto identifying operator and adding it to job notification on hundreds of servers is a hectic task. However with this script you can easily monitor all your SQL server jobs. Set operators SQL Server operators allow people or groups to receive notifications when jobs complete on SQL server or...

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How to Save License Costs by Checking Whether Enterprise Features are Used in Your SQL Server Databases

It is very common that many machines in your company might be using Enterprise editions of SQL Server while none of those enterprise features were ever used. This will heavily impact the license cost and should be fixed. Find servers If you are already maintaining an inventory of SQL servers, then it is an easy task to identify machines that are running Enterprise editions of SQL server. The next step is to identify if the applications hosted on these machines require an enterprise edition...

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