Database Recovery

How to Allocate Responsibilities for SQL Server Backups

In this article understand why it is critical to allocate responsibility in clearly defined manner for backing up SQL databases. Any regular SQL Server user would know the importance of backups in SQL Server, whosoever is mandated with SQL Server backup should be well versed with all backup related concepts and features available in SQL Server. If an organization has an inexperienced person handling their backups, they are bound to suffer greater losses during a disaster, if a data has not...

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4 Solutions when Your Backup Process Fails to Work on Large Databases

In this article we explore situations where Backups might fail when you are dealing with a large SQL database. Backing up data in SQL Server is a process that needs to be done with lot of caution, there are lot of little details that need to be taken care of when executing a backup. Unintentionally you might commit blunder mistakes, leading to a failed backup, and in-case of large backups, things only can get worse. Given below are a few of the most common situations classifying as backup...

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2 Quick Tips to Speed up the SQL Server Backup Process

In this article we look at ways to the speed up the SQL Server Backup process When using SQL Server, backing up data often becomes a task that most DBAs would want to run away from. But this cannot happen, because backing up data is most important aspect of maintaining databases. Why backups do not form the interesting part is because, they often take really long to complete, and this is not one of those processes that you can simply skip as they are needed in SQL Server database recovery....

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