Database Recovery

How to Restart Multiple Remote SQL Servers via a Script on Central SQL Server

In this article, we would learn how to set up a simple script from a Central SQL Server and allow it to restart other machines in a SQL Server environment. Restarting SQL servers: SQL Server patching might require server reboot either in the beginning or after the patching process. Though restarting a machine is not a big task, allowing a script to restart SQL Servers is a cool way to automate and save time. Points to remember: Before deploying the script, please make sure that the account...

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4 Workarounds when Unique Constraint Prevents You from Inserting a New Record in SQL Server

If you failed to insert a new record into a table because of the unique constraint, do not miss to read this article. It will help you to solve this problem. In this article, we will introduce 4 methods to solve the problem when you fail to insert a new record because it violates the unique constraint of the table in SQL Server. A Real Case: Now let’s see a real case. We have a database named “Product” and there is a table called “DataNumenProduct” in the database. There are two...

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6 Quick Tips to Troubleshoot a Slow Procedure in SQL Server

In this article we share some practical tips on troubleshooting slow procedures in SQL Server SQL Server is an application that is capable of a lot, but most of the features in the application are such that they require an updated hardware, broadly speaking – sufficient resources are required. If there is insufficient space, and you are attempting to perform heavy operations using the application, you will be troubled by slow performance. Lack of storage space is one of the very basic and...

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